Important Shortcuts for Auto Service and Repairs

  • 4 Signs There's a Problem with Your Coolant Reservoir

    27 April 2016

    Your engine can reach extreme temperatures as fuel is burnt to power your vehicle. As such, that temperature must be controlled by the cooling system – a failing cooling system will eventually lead to overheating, which will itself eventually lead to a complete breakdown. This system runs on coolant fluid, and that fluid is held in the coolant reservoir. If there is a leak in the reservoir, your car won't be able to properly control its temperature, so you need to understand what signs indicate that there is a problem.

  • 2 Major Causes of Car Muffler Damage

    31 March 2016

    The problems that you experience with your car's exhaust system can arise from any of its many components. Your car muffler is one of the components that suffer a lot of deterioration during the service life of the exhaust system. There are several possible reasons behind car muffler damage, but here are a few major culprits that every car owner should be aware of. Rust Rust is one of the most notorious causes of car muffler problems.

  • Commonly Asked Questions About Repairing a Truck With Aftermarket Parts

    7 December 2015

    A durable and rugged truck should last for years without needing much by way of truck repairs, but eventually you may need to bring it to the shop for some attention. If you've added parts to your truck after purchase, you may have questions specific to these aftermarket parts. Note a few commonly asked questions about repairing a truck with certain aftermarket parts added. 1. Why do the shocks wear down even when a lift kit has been installed?

  • Indications That You Require Immediate Car Transmission System Repairs

    5 December 2015

    Whether you own an automatic or a manual vehicle, the transmission is one of the most complex systems of your car. It is made up of intricate components, which all work toward the transfer of power from the engine to other parts of your vehicle. Generally, transmission systems will not malfunction often if you are carrying out the appropriate maintenance measures. However, in the event that it starts to indicate that there's something wrong and you ignore the warning signs, chances are a minor issue will become exacerbated into a bigger problem.

  • Automotive Repairs | 4 Signs Of Manual Car Transmission Trouble

    4 December 2015

    If you drive a manual transmission car, chances are that it could end up giving you some trouble after a little while. Your car's transmission is an intricate mechanical system that controls the application of power between the drive shaft and the engine. Diagnosing the root cause of your car's transmission issues isn't always easy, but these signs are indicators of car transmission trouble for which you will need automotive repairs.

  • 5 Signs That Point Toward Car Exhaust Leaks

    4 December 2015

    Exhaust systems perform an important role for your vehicle and for you. Basically, your car's exhaust system eliminates dangerous emissions from the engine and converts them into less toxic gases which are then eliminated into the atmosphere through the tailpipe. When an exhaust system suffers leakage, there's a high possibility that these dangerous gases could find their way into the passenger compartment, placing your life and that of other passengers in serious risk due to inhalation of poisonous gases.

  • Electric Power Steering Types and Vehicle Suitability

    3 December 2015

    Changes are happening with power steering systems as electric systems are fast replacing hydraulic systems in newer car models due to a variety of reasons. Foremost, they have eliminated the bulk of the hydraulic systems that translated to more fuel consumption. Electric systems calculate specific steering assist requirements using vehicle torque, tire speed and other considerations, quickly translating this information into the right amount of assist. Electric power steering systems do not require much maintenance and are very durable.