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Invaluable Tips For Choosing The Best Panel Beaters For Quality Smash Repairs

by Emilia Latvala

Since panel beating is not a service that motorists seek regularly, it is unsurprising that once you need smash repairs, you could be taken aback by the initial cost. This can be attributed to the presumption that this service simple entails reshaping auto bodies. But depending on how forceful the impact of the accident was, your vehicle may require multiple repairs and restoration services. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should enlist the cheapest repairs you can get. Shoddy work will not only drastically diminish the value of your car but you cannot be guaranteed that it is roadworthy. Instead, hiring the best panel beaters is a worthy investment for the safety and utility of your car. Check out the following invaluable tips for choosing the best panel beaters for quality smash repairs.


When shopping around for the best panel beaters, one of the qualities to look for that can help you whittle down your options is certifications. Australia has multiple organisations that panel beaters can join for recognition of quality service. In addition to country-level organisations such as AMBRA (Australian Motor Body Repairers Association), there are numerous more at the state level too. Therefore, when enquiring about what repairer's licensing the panel beater has, you can also ask about any certifications that would show that their training and services are recognised by the various authorising bodies. As a bonus tip, you should also enquire about any awards that the panel beaters have won from reputable industry leaders, as these would denote their service excellence.

Comprehensive quotes

The second quality to look for when selecting the best panel beaters is transparency. A mistake to avoid is accepting a quote simply because it appears cheap, only to find that it overlooked a multitude of hidden costs that you will be billed for when smash repairs are concluded. A trustworthy panel beater will make sure that their quote is as comprehensive as possible. And this is not contingent on your guaranteeing you will enlist their services. Therefore, when requesting for the cost, check the quote to see if it includes a breakdown of the estimated price of labour and auto parts, the cost of paint, any value-added products or services and so on. Even if the quote may seem high, familiarizing yourself with the detailed costs not only lets you know what you are paying for but also leaves room for negotiation.

It is critical to keep in mind that the best panel beaters would never provide you with a final quote without some form of warranty or guarantee to boot. Thus, you should focus your sights on auto restoration specialists that will offer you a degree of protection against having to pay for additional repairs or replacement once their work is complete.

For more information or to get help, reach out to a local panel beater.