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3 Signs That Tell You Need an Auto Transmission Repair

by Emilia Latvala

Many people tend to ignore small issues like a strange sound or a funny smell emanating from the transmission system of their car. But the truth is that these seemingly minor issues signify a deeper problem. When you detect anything unusual, a quick repair might avert a major crisis like a total breakdown of the car in the middle of the road. It will also prevent overconsumption of fuel by the automobile. Here are the top there signs indicating that your vehicle is due for auto transmission repair

1. Leakage of Transmission Fluid 

Cracks and holes on the cooler lines, seals and gaskets can be the reason why the transmission fluid leaks underneath. In most cases, the transmission fluid is red. These leaks are dangerous, as they can cause pipes and other vehicle parts to crack or wear out quickly. 

The best way to determine the fluid level of your transmission is by using the dipstick method. You must add the transmission fluid when the level doesn't reach the "warm" mark on the dipstick. 

Cracks and holes in the transmission pan, bell housing, rear and front seals and gaskets are probably the most common causes of transmission fluid leakage. These must be repaired or replaced first by a mechanic to avert further loss of fluid. Your mechanic will also realign the components in case the leak is resulting from the misalignment of some parts. 

Other causes of transmission fluid leak include faulty valves and solenoids, as well damaged hoses and lines. Bad connections or holes in these lines must be fixed to prevent fluid loss when you refill them. 

2. Burning or Unusual Smell

Burning and foul smells occur due to overheating of the transmission. It is one of the first signs alerting you of low transmission fluid. The low levels can result from a leak. Your auto transmission repair mechanic will check the leakage causes in detail and fix them to prevent damage to the entire transmission system. Other causes of the burning smell include worn brake pads and overheating of the compressor. 

3. Missing Gears or Slippage on Gears 

Your car has faulty transmission if the gears cannot shift smoothly. The slippage of gears can sometimes be accompanied by a grinding sensation when changing the gears. This problem indicates declining levels of the transmission fluid. You need auto transmission repair quickly to prevent damage to the gears. Otherwise, it will cost you more to repair or replace the entire system. 

Urgent auto transmission repair services are crucial in any of the three situations. Hire a trained and experienced transmission specialist for professional and speedy results.