Important Shortcuts for Auto Service and Repairs

How to Make Sure You Don't Let People Down When Managing a Bus Company

by Emilia Latvala

If you run a bus and coach company that provides regular services for the community, you know that you are responsible for ensuring that these vehicles are reliable and always show up on time. People rely on your operation so that they can get back and forth to work or send the kids off to school. If one of your buses were to break down, the consequences could be far-reaching. Consequently, you must adopt a careful maintenance regimen and routine and follow certain practices to avoid this type of disruption. Where should you start?


Begin by creating a checklist so that your maintenance staff do not miss a beat when it comes to crucial diagnostic and repair. This type of checklist can be given to your drivers as well so they can evaluate the condition of the vehicle when they are in charge and determine if an issue is likely to arise.

Proactive Maintenance

You must regularly inspect each vehicle even if there is no outward sign of any problem. This type of proactive maintenance should include exterior and interior inspections in equal measure. For example, you need to keep an eye on the heating and cooling systems to cope with the extremes of Australian weather. You will need to ensure that the emergency doors and windows are in full working order and that the seats are in good condition.

What To Look For

Get into the habit of checking the engine oil, transmission fluid levels, brake efficiency, steering mechanism and battery condition. Look at engine covers and access doors to make sure they are latched securely while checking each tyre for evidence of deterioration.

Tyres Under Pressure

Remember that bus tyres endure a great deal of stress and strain, as the wheels are often turning at a slow speed, and this can be particularly impactful for the front covers.

Top-Quality Parts

Always buy the highest quality parts you can find, and never opt for lower-grade components simply to try and save money. You may be under pressure from the 'higher-ups' to keep within a budget, but poor attention here will likely lead to a breakdown at some stage in the future.

Skilled Hands

Finally, make sure that you outsource your maintenance work to the best quality bus repair specialists you can find. They need to have experience related to the type of bus in question and know where to look to overcome any potential issues.