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3 Easy Ways To Increase Ground Clearance On Your Trailer

by Emilia Latvala

If you're planning to use your tow trailer this year, chances are that you plan on loading lots of gear on it. Many people take out their trailers when going on vacation. Apart from loading lots of gear on the trailers, most users drive them off-road as they head to camping and rafting locations. One challenge often experienced when doing this is low ground clearance which can make manoeuvring quite difficult. To avoid this, you can increase your tow trailer's ground clearance in a number of ways. 

Fitting bigger wheels

One easy way to increase the ground clearance on your trailer is to fit bigger tyres and wheels. Bigger wheels and tyres increase the distance between the ground and the chassis frame, thus allowing your trailer to sit higher on the ground. An upgrade to wheels with a diameter just a few inches longer will suffice to give you the ground clearance you desire. In addition to that, bigger wheels will allow your trailer to fare better in difficult terrain, e.g. mud, sand, water or rocks. However, take care not to fit wheels that are too large, lest you compromise the trailer's stability

Adding suspension spacers

Another option you could explore to increase your tow trailer's ground clearance is to install suspension spacers. Spacers are small fittings added to lift the vehicle's frame higher up by a few inches. They are the same add-ons used on off-road trucks and 4WDs. Spacers are a great option where your trailer already has large wheels or where you do not wish to fit larger wheels or tyres. Not only do spacers have the potential to raise your trailer's ground clearance, but they can also lift the trailer's bed high up as well to avoid sagging after heavy loading.

Installing new suspension springs

Last but not least, you can also improve your trailer's ground clearance by installing new trailer suspension springs. When it comes to trailer suspension parts, most use leaf springs. Over time, these springs will wear out and reduce the amount of suspension on your trailer. By installing a new pair, your trailer will enjoy better lift. You can also have the old springs repaired if broken or old. That will entail having the leaf springs replaced with new ones to achieve almost the same effect as installing a new set. 

With better ground clearance, you won't have to keep looking at the rear view mirror to check how your tow trailer is handling itself on the road. The trailer will tackle off-road terrain better, and the chassis will not endure as much damage. Best of all, you will be in a position to load the trailer to the brim without any qualms.