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Rent Or Buy Your Campervan?

by Emilia Latvala

If you are debating between renting and buying a campervan, consider a few aspects. Depending on your situation, it may be more appropriate for you to invest in one rather than rent it.

Upfront cost

Buying a campervan is more of an upfront cost than renting. You must either have the cash in hand or a way of borrowing the money. This could influence your decision as campervans are quite reasonable to rent. The cost can start from $25-$35 a day. You will need to pay additional fees for gas and the miles you put on the campervan. However, you do not need as much money in the beginning, and you will need to pay for gas in a campervan you own anyway.


When you rent a campervan, you will not be responsible for maintenance. However, if you decide to make a purchase, you will be responsible for paying for motorhome service. If you buy the campervan new, the amount of maintenance you pay in the beginning may not amount to much. However, as the campervan gets older and accumulates more miles, the maintenance will be more demanding. If you buy your campervan used, it will be more demanding from the beginning of your time owning it. Renting a campervan can release you from the responsibility of said expenses and allow you to simply enjoy the use of it on a vacation.

Amount of use

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding between renting and buying is how much you will use the campervan. Have you taken a campervan vacation before? If you have not, and you are considering taking your first one, rent a campervan and give it a try before you commit to being its owner. You do not want to buy a campervan only to take it out on a vacation and realize that you do not enjoy the experience. If you have taken a campervan vacation before and you enjoyed it, you may not need to consider further that aspect.

Also consider how many times per year you will use it. If you are only going to vacation once a year, owning the campervan would not be practical. It can require maintenance simply from sitting in your driveway too long without use. However, if you enjoy traveling and plan to stay out of town for weeks at a time or even take a minimum of three vacations a year, you will find it more appropriate to buy a campervan.