Important Shortcuts for Auto Service and Repairs

Warning Sounds from Your Car You Should Not Ignore

by Emilia Latvala

Most vehicle owners know they need to take their car for servicing in accordance to the guidelines stipulated by the manufacturer of the vehicle. However, this does not mean that your car will only show signs of malfunction toward the scheduled servicing date. A mistake some people make is ignoring these warning signs in an attempt to cost cut by assuming their vehicle can hold off until the next service date. The truth of the matter, though, is that some signs of malfunction can become exacerbated as you wait, which would lead to costlier repairs. The following are some of the warning sounds that your car may make that you should not ignore.

Whining sounds from your vehicle

Typically, if your vehicle begins to whine, the sound will be emanating from under its bonnet. These whining noises tend to occur if there is a loose fan belt. If left undeterred, the issue can cause larger problems such as your vehicle overheating or beginning to develop problems with its battery.

Loud rumbling from your vehicle's exhaust

Although the exhaust pipe is known to make noises, these sounds should never be excessively loud. If you begin to notice loud rumbling emanating from your exhaust pipe, it could indicate that there is a crack that has developed on this component. Left unchecked, the crack could develop into a hole. This could compromise the overall functionality of the exhaust pipe and cause additional problems to your vehicle. It also poses the risk of your exhaust pipe falling off.

Banging noises from your vehicle's engine

Noises emanating from the engine are typically detectable when the vehicle is idling. One of the common causes for this is an engine that is misfiring. If caught early, it could simply involve the replacement of the engine's spark plugs. It should be noted that these banging sounds might also occur if your engine is inappropriately handling how air and fuel is mixing inside of it. This could lead to the complete breakdown of your vehicle if it is not serviced posthaste.

Scraping noises from your vehicle

Scraping noises will typically start if there are metal components that are rubbing against each other. Since your vehicle is made up of a vast array of metallic components, it would be prudent to have the scraping noises identified as soon as possible. Left unchecked, the two components scraping against each other will cause mutual damage and could lead to larger, more expensive automotive problems.