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Importance of Proper Wheel Alignment

by Emilia Latvala

One of the best ways to maintain your truck is by performing regular wheel alignment. Wheel alignment is all about ensuring that each pair of your vehicle's wheels remain parallel to each other, and that the wheels are perpendicular to the road. If there is a problem with your wheel alignment that is not serviced over time, your truck may develop other serious issues in the driveline.

Here are some of the benefits that you get from aligning the wheels of your truck regularly:

Minimises tread wear

If the wheels of your truck are not properly aligned, they may occasionally grind against areas within the wheels' turning radius. This means that the treads of your tyres are going to suffer from the offsets in the caster or camber. By having a wheel alignment properly done, you will have corrected the improper turning angles resulting in the grinding action.

Truck tyres are not cheap; therefore, performing wheel alignment service will definitely save you costly tyre purchases and repairs in the long term.

Fuel economy

Not only does proper alignment make you drive in the right direction, but it also helps in reducing the tear and wear on the suspensions of your truck. This will help cut on fuel usage as well as improve the gas mileage.

Misaligned wheels will increase the pressure on the suspensions, and the driver will have to apply more effort on the gas pedal when maintaining the direction of the wheel, taking up more fuel in the process. 

Environmentally friendly

Environmental conservation is a critical issue in today's world, and it should be strongly considered when using your truck. The burning of fuel is a major contributor to air pollution. Misalignment of the wheels may lead to excess burning of fuel because more fuel is used, and the excess burning fuel leads to increased carbon emissions, which are hazardous to the environment. Proper wheel alignment may help save the environment by making vehicles use less fuel.

Reduces driver's exhaustion

Misalignment of the wheels will cause a lot of physical strain to a truck driver. This happens when the wheels are offset, and the driver has to use more energy to stay in control of the vehicle. The driver will have to hold the steering wheel more firmly than usual, for example, in order to keep the vehicle in the correct position, and this will lead to quick weariness.

Properly aligned wheels always remain at neutral positions, meaning that the control by the driver is nearly effortless.

Motor vehicles like trucks are designed to be used in rather harsh road conditions. Therefore, the wheels of these vehicles need to be regularly serviced and maintained; otherwise, the trucks will succumb to the harsh road conditions ahead of time. If you suspect that your truck has an alignment issue, take it in to your local mechanic for servicing.