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Car Service | 3 Loud Car Sounds Indicating An Imminent Breakdown

by Emilia Latvala

While cars today are more unfailing than ever before, regular upkeep is still necessary to maintain seamless operation. But many car owners fail to notice signs until the car finally breaks down. This guide is designed to help you identify three loud car sounds that indicate an imminent breakdown. You will need to take your vehicle to a professional car service to ensure continued safety while driving.

Rattling Or Popping Sounds From Below The Car

If you notice a rattling or popping sound from below your car, it could indicate that your entire exhaust system needs repair or a component needs replacement in your exhaust system. If your car makes loud sounds from below, then you probably have a hole somewhere within the exhaust system. Fixing this problem may be as simple as restoring loose pipes or more complicated like replacing corroded pipes. If your catalytic converter is damaged, then the car service will need more intricate work. If you ignore this problem for too long, then your exhaust system will completely shut down and dangerous gases might seep into your car's passenger cabin.

Squealing Sounds From The Bonnet Of Your Car

If you hear squealing sounds from the bonnet of your car, then it could be because the drive belt is damaged. This drive belt transfers power from the engine's revolutions to multiple components within your car like power steering and air conditioning. Over prolonged use, the drive belt will wear down and start slipping, which causes the squealing sound. Turning on your air conditioning may also cause the squealing to sound more penetrating. Ignoring drive belt repair or replacement will cause your power steering or cooling system to completely fail. Don't attempt to drive the car when the belt breaks because this will cause overheating and widespread engine damage.

Roaring Or Rumbling Noise While Driving

If your tyre tread is worn out or if the tyres are too old, then this can generate a roaring or rumbling noise while driving. This could be because of bad wheel bearings. You will need to get this problem checked immediately because a broken bearing will stop your wheel from completely moving, which may end up leaving you stranded in the middle of the road. You will need to get the tyre replaced at a professional car service to fix this problem.

If you notice any of these sounds in your car, then it could indicate an imminent breakdown. Take your car to a professional car service as soon as possible to stay safe on the road.