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Commonly Asked Questions About Repairing a Truck With Aftermarket Parts

by Emilia Latvala

A durable and rugged truck should last for years without needing much by way of truck repairs, but eventually you may need to bring it to the shop for some attention. If you've added parts to your truck after purchase, you may have questions specific to these aftermarket parts. Note a few commonly asked questions about repairing a truck with certain aftermarket parts added.

1. Why do the shocks wear down even when a lift kit has been installed?

It's good to note that there is a difference between a lift kit and heavy-duty shocks. The lift kit does just that; it lifts the body of the truck. Some lift kits may involve heavier and more rugged shocks, but not all. Adding just a lift kit to your truck doesn't mean that its weight won't continuously slam onto the shocks and cause damage. This is something to consider if you've added a lift kit to go off-roading, as driving up and down dirt roads or over bumps and hills can mean more wear and tear on the shocks. Thinking you've protected them with a simple lift kit is a mistake, and you may see those shocks wear down more quickly.

2. Why do the tires need replacing after adding aftermarket parts?

If you've added any type of aftermarket parts that give your truck significant added weight, you need to upgrade from standard load tires to heavy-duty tires. Standard load tires may not be wide enough to disperse this added weight so that the tires themselves begin to flatten out. In turn, they suffer excessive wear and tear as the rubber gets dragged along the pavement. You also need to consider this if you've added parts to your truck to use it for towing or hauling. This added weight may mean you need to upgrade your tires, or you'll see that they wear out more quickly.

3. Do aftermarket parts void a truck's warranty?

Aftermarket parts in of themselves do not typically void a warranty. However, there are some warranties that will spell out certain parts that may interfere with the warranty. You might also be restricted from adding these parts yourself in order to keep your warranty in effect. Note too that the aftermarket parts themselves are not covered under the warranty, but the truck's original parts are typically still covered. Your owner's manual can advise you on how aftermarket parts might affect your truck's warranty.