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Indications That You Require Immediate Car Transmission System Repairs

by Emilia Latvala

Whether you own an automatic or a manual vehicle, the transmission is one of the most complex systems of your car. It is made up of intricate components, which all work toward the transfer of power from the engine to other parts of your vehicle. Generally, transmission systems will not malfunction often if you are carrying out the appropriate maintenance measures. However, in the event that it starts to indicate that there's something wrong and you ignore the warning signs, chances are a minor issue will become exacerbated into a bigger problem. As such, it is always best to look out for signs that you may require car transmission system repairs before it becomes too late. Here are some of the signals to keep an eye and an ear out for.

The response time of your transmission system is slow

One of the signs that there could be an impeding problem with your transmission system is if it starts to become slow to engage. For instance, if you are trying to switch gears and experience a lag in the time it takes to move from one gear to the next, chances are the transmission fluids are depleted and need to be replenished post haste. If left undetected, this could end up affecting the overall movement of your car.

The clutch is emitting a burning smell

A foul smell emanating from the clutch will typically happen in manual vehicles. This will occur when there is undue pressure on the clutch, hence causing friction. When this happens, it is best to seek car transmission system repairs to ensure that the clutch is either properly adjusted or replaced if it is beyond repair.

The vehicle switches gears at whim

When you are driving, you should be in full control of your car. When it begins to pop out of gear without warning, then there is a serious mechanical problem with the vehicle's transmission system. This is a problem that affects both manual as well as automatic vehicles. This type of malfunction should never be ignored as it not only puts your life at risk when on the road, but you are also endangering the lives of others by not being fully in control of your car.

The vehicle emits grinding sounds

Another sign that you have impending transmission trouble is grinding noises that occur when you are shifting between gears. Your vehicle jerking and your clutch pedal vibrating can also accompany this. The most common cause for this is that the gears have become worn out and would need to be replaced by an auto mechanic at your nearest convenience. Contact a company like Precision Automatic Transmissions for more information.