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Tips to Prolong the Useful Life of Your Car Battery

by Emilia Latvala

Some people never think about their car battery until they begin experiencing electrical problems like flickering headlights. This failure to give the battery adequate care leads to premature aging and needless costs to replace the battery yet simple care and maintenance would have made that battery last longer. This article discusses some helpful tips that you can implement in order to get better performance from your car battery for longer.

Avoid Quick Charging

There are many devices available on the market to facilitate rapid charging of a battery. However, it is advisable that you avoid quick charging your battery because it can result in overheating the battery. Overheating can cause permanent damage to battery components so avoid quick charging if you want long life from your battery.

Always Clamp Down Your Car Battery

Your car vibrates as you drive and those vibrations can become intense if you are driving over a rough surface like a dirt road. Vibrations can wear out a car battery very fast because its internal components keep rocking and gradually weakening. It is for that reason that you should frequently check the battery clamp in your car so that you tighten it when it becomes loose. This action will reduce the negative effect of vibration on the battery.

Recharge a Discharged Battery Quickly

You may leave your headlights on after parking your car in the garage at the end of the day. Once that happens, the battery will be completely discharged and by the time you try to restart your car in the morning the battery will be unable to start the engine. Some people make the mistake of leaving such a car with a discharged battery for extended periods without charging it. This is very bad because it can lead to sulphation, the formation of lead sulphate crystals that limit the effectiveness of chemical reactions that produce power in a battery. That is why you should always recharge a discharged battery as soon as possible so that sulphation is avoided.

Keep Battery Terminals Clean

Over time, battery terminals accumulate dirt and corrode. This may affect how well it charges or powers your vehicle and it may ultimately shorten the lifespan of the battery since it may discharge frequently due to incomplete charging cycles. You can avoid this problem by cleaning the terminals frequently (monthly, for example) and applying a heavy grease to avoid corrosion.

Use these tips alongside the guidelines provided by the battery manufacturer (such as Century batteries) and your battery will last for a long time.